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Please note that the prices will increase from 4th March and few options like T-shirt may go away. And registration will be closed on 15th March

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Xpress Fitness Half Marathon 2019

Register for Xpress Fitness Half Marathon and Commit to be fit

Organized By: Xpress Fitness & Running (XFR)
Thought Leader: Shiv Nadar School, Sec 168, Noida.

We begin a new journey with a unique model to take forward our vision of making children and people adopt an active lifestyle and making them fitter and stronger!!!

Race Categories & Registration

  •  HM (21.1 KM) - Challenge Run (Basic Regn Fee – INR 449) [Ages: 18+]
  •  10 KM - Fitness Test Run (Basic Regn Fee – INR 349) [Ages: 15+]
  •  5 KM – Joy Ride Run (Basic Regn Fee – INR 349) [Ages: 11+]
  •  3 KM - Solo Sprint Run (Basic Regn Fee – INR 299) [Ages: 7+]
  •  3 KM - Team of 2 Run (Basic Regn Fee – INR 299 per head)
    • - Parent - Child Race
      • - Father - Son
      • - Mother - Daughter
      • - Father - Daughter
      • - Mother - Son
    • - Parents (Couple) Race

Note: There are separate categories of registration based on following Add-Ons.

You can choose as appropriate, however our recommendation is to go for "with Timing Chip" option.
  •  Timing Chip (INR 300) – A personalized bib, finishing timing certificate and winning category qualification.
  •  T-Shirt (INR 400) – A good quality dry-fit or cotton fabric worth 600-800.

All participants, in basic registration fee, are eligible for following:
  •  Fantastic Finisher Medal.
  •  Post-Run Refreshment.
  •  Hydration, volunteer and emergency support on permitted and guided route.
  •  Digital photographs.
  •  Recreational event fun, Zumba warm-up and cool-down sessions, selfie/photo corners, interesting challenges in our gracious assembly area.
  •  Lots of entertainment.

If you start this journey with us today, you will continue to reap the benefits of this relationship in years to come...

So, take the first step and join us by knowing more registering here -

Shiv Nadar School

Sector 168, Noida

March 31, 2019

05:00 AM – 11:00 AM

80 Available Seats

Hurryup! few tickets are left

Free Post-Run Refreshment

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Event Schedule

Xpress Fitness Half Marathon 2019

Bib Carnival

Xpress Fitness Half Marathon 2019


  •  Sunday, 24 March 11 AM - 7 PM
  •  Monday, 25 March 10 AM - 2 PM
  •  Tuesday, 26 March 10 AM - 2 PM
  •  Saturday, 30 March 11 AM – 2 PM


  •  Shiv Nadar School, Sec-168, Noida

Note: There will be no Bib distribution on race day. Please contact xpressfitnessrunning@gmail.com if you need any help in this regard.

Collection of Bibs:

It is mandatory for a XFHM participant to collect his/her running number personally from the XFHM Bib Carnival. In case of unavoidable circumstances, one can send a representative to collect running number on his/her behalf.


  •  A printed copy of web confirmation. You can download your confirmation from application.

Go Green Tip: If you're a smart phone user, please save the web confirmation and show it to our representative at the Bib Distribution Area within Carnival. You need not carry a print of the same. Please note, this is applicable only if the registered runner is visiting the XFHM Carnival in person.

If representative is coming to collect Bib number, then he/she will need to carry -

  •  A printed copy of web confirmation. You can download your confirmation from check application.
  •  A copy of photo id proof of the registered participant, e.g.: Aadhar card, driving license, employee/ school/college identity card, passport, PAN card, Aadhar election card, etc.

Please note that a representative can collect bibs for up to FIVE runners ONLY.

Ask Question?

Xpress Fitness Half Marathon 2019

What are the events at XFHM 2019?
Half Marathon - Challenge Run
10 KM - Fitness Test Run
5 KM – Joy Ride Run
3 KM - Solo Sprint Run
3 KM - Team of 2 Run
The event is scheduled for Sunday, 31st March 2019. Timings of the event will be published closer to the race day.
Only online registrations are possible. You can register from Townscript and you can pay thorugh credit card/debit card/netbanking/PayU wallet.
Basic Registration (GST Free)
   - HM Challenge Run - Rs. 399
   - 10KM Fitness Test Run - Rs. 299
   - 5KM Joyride Run - Rs. 299
   - 3KM Team of 2 Run - Rs. 249
   - 3KM Solo Sprint Run - Rs. 249

Registration with Timing Chip (Recommended)
   - HM Challenge Run (Competitive) - Rs. 699
   - 10KM Fitness Test Run (Competitive) - Rs. 599
   - 5KM Joyride Run (Competitive) - Rs. 599
   - 3KM Team of 2 Run (Competitive) - Rs. 549
   - 3KM Solo Sprint Run (Competitive) - Rs. 549

Registration with Timing Chip and Tshirt
   - HM Challenge Run (Premium) - Rs. 1099
   - 10KM Fitness Test Run (Premium) - Rs. 999
   - 5KM Joyride Run (Premium) - Rs. 999
   - 3KM Team of 2 Run (Premium) - Rs. 949
   - 3KM Solo Sprint Run (Premium) - Rs. 949

Registration with Tshirt (No Timing Chip)
   - HM Challenge Run (with t-shirt) - Rs. 799
   - 10KM Fitness Test Run (with t-shirt) - Rs. 699
   - 5KM Joyride Run (with t-shirt) - Rs. 699
   - 3KM Team of 2 Run (with t-shirt) - Rs. 649
   - 3KM Solo Sprint Run (with t-shirt) - Rs. 649
Please send an email to xpressfitnessrunning@gmail.com with the correct details and we will update it.
Under exceptional cases, in case the transaction failed at the payment gateway stage, and if the money was debited but a confirmation was not generated, the money will be credited back to your account within 10 working days. However, please email xpressfitnessrunning@gmail.com with details of your registration – date of registration, name and your email id and we will follow up to ensure the problem is tracked and closed.
What does the Registration fee cover?
The fee covers entry to the event, BIB, complimentary race day t-shirt (optional), finisher medal and hot breakfast.
All the registered participants will get the same race kit with the same contents.
There are no manual registrations for the event.
For 21KM, participant should be above 18 years as on 30 March 2019;
For 10KM, participant should be above 14 years as on 30 March 2019;
For the 5KM & 3KM, minimum age is 6 years as on 30 March 2019. Minors between 6 to 12 years should be accompanied by adults.
Registrations will close on March 20th, 2019. We may close the registrations early if all our slots are filled. However, on most occasions it is 10 days before the race day. We request you to register early and not wait till the end. We will announce the dates on our Website, Facebook page and other Social media.
Registration is non-transferable and the amount is non-refundable.
Please send an email to xpressfitnessrunning@gmail.com and we will try our best to help you.

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Xpress Fitness Half Marathon 2019

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Xpress Fitness Half Marathon 2019